Chiropractic care services include choosing the best methods of natural healing to ease the chronic or acute pain. Tom Jefferson excels at providing you relief from lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash and even headache, which can be equally bad. A good professional with adequate experience should always view you as a whole person, and not simply treat specific body parts, even if those parts are causing the pain. That’s because, the real cause of the pain could be hidden somewhere else. It is really essential to carry out a detailed evaluation first.

Once the evaluation is done, Tom will suggest the right remedy, which is unique to your pain, its intensity, and spread. It can also depend on how long you are suffering from the pain.

There are two aspects of chiropractic health care – the actual treatment, and recommended lifestyle changes for pain management. This could include swimming, cycling, running, yoga and other exercises. Tom Jefferson will tell you about the correct sitting and even standing posture. He will show you the correct exercises for your condition. Given his years of experience as a professional chiropractor who has helped hundreds of patients, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Tom can also help you beat the sleep, nutrition, hereditary and environment reasons that causes your pain.