About Us

Tom Jefferson is a professional and licensed chiropractor with several years of experience. He has cleared his Doctorate in Chiropractic (D.C.) exam after completing 7 years of university. Over the years, Tom has treated hundreds of patients in Alberta, Canada. In fact, many of his patients are from out of town as well. Tom is known for quick and safe results.

Tom’s approach is always unique for each patient. He first does a thorough health analysis of his patients, takes down patient history to understand the cause of the pain. He then suggests remedies that are always unique for each patient, because there cannot be a one-solution that’s good for everybody. He suggests lifestyle changes as well, and recommends various activities in varying intensity and frequency such as cycling, swimming, running and yoga. Tom shows exercises too that can reduce the pain and helps his patients practice them. These exercises are good for efficient pain management. He monitors the progress to ensure that your pain is reduced significantly or completely eliminated.

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