Your Spine Your Health

spineAndGoodHealthHere’s a little bit of fact that may startle you – did you know that 80% of us will suffer from spine related pain in our lifetime? Also, spinal problems could start at the age of 29. So it’s never too early for these issues. The pain can be excruciating. Sometimes, it can even render us immobile. But still, most of us will choose to overlook our spinal health. Surely, it’s not something we can be proud of.

Those who lift heavy objects, smoke, are overweight, and those who have had spinal pain before, are more likely to suffer back pain.

Here are some tips for spinal health.

  • Good posture is very important. You’ll reduce spinal stress if the shoulder blades and retracted and if the ears are aligned with the shoulders.
  • When you are standing, keep one foot in front of the other. Your knees must be slightly bent.
  • Avoid twisting when you are lifting. This could be a dangerous movement for the spine.
  • Knees should be slightly higher than the hips during sitting. Keep the head back and straight.
  • Stand on a stool when you have to reach for something above the shoulder level. Straining might hurt your neck and mid-back. It can cause shoulder pain too.
  • Simple exercises can improve the condition of your joints.
  • Omega-3s and B-complex can decrease pain. So plan your diet.