cycling-kneeOften, most people believe that cycling is a leg-based exercise. Yes, it’s a fact that the main moving joints are the ankles, knees and hips that are driven by the calves, gluteals and quadriceps, but the fact is that, you’ll also be engaging your upper body with cycling. There are several ways in which cycling can reduce or even completely eliminate pain in your body, whether it is back pain, neck or shoulder pain.

To begin with, biking is going to be less jarring for your spine than most other aerobic exercises like your aerobics class and even jogging. Use stationary bicycles if you can, because they are really gentle on the spine. You’ll get vigorous aerobic workout with very little stress on your lower back region. Plus, the cycling session will also help you lose weight.

There are people with specific back conditions who will tell you that they feel comfortable with the forward-leaning position when they are sitting on their bicycle seats and leaning forward on the handlebars. The lumbar spinal stenosis usually doesn’t put the spine in stress, except in rare cases.

The recumbent bike could be a better bet for those with low back conditions such as the Lumbar degenerative disc disease. The reclining position might be the better position for them.

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