Lower back pain has emerged as a serious issue now. Sometimes, the pain is so acute that it causes productivity loss as well. Of course, there’s the nagging pain at all time, which can make you feel utterly frustrated. Remember, your back pain could be an issue with the bones, but it could also be caused by tendons, ligaments, muscles, the nervous system and cartilage. What you need before anything else is proper diagnosis to identify the reason for all this pain. This should be followed by the proper treatment protocol.

Tom Jefferson is a licensed and certified chiropractor in Alberta, Canada. Tom has been offering chiropractic care to his patients for several years now. Apart from treating low back pain, which is the most common complaint, Tom also provides treatment for musculoskeletal pain (shoulder, neck), headaches, pelvic pain, ankle or hip pain, and sometimes in extreme cases even for hand or foot pain. This professional chiropractor provides treatment for chronic and accident pain.

You don’t have to live with pain anymore. Seek an appointment with Tom Jefferson now. Tom will show you how to live without pain through running, cycling, swimming and yoga.