running_jointsYou’ll agree that a sedentary lifestyle will almost always cause a range of health problems. It can cause pain as well. Running can reduce your back and neck pain, but mind it, running can increase it too. So what you need first is a detailed analysis of your situation from somebody experienced, such as Tom Jefferson. Follow Tom’s recommendation and your pain will surely go away.

Running is perhaps the simplest exercise. The biggest benefit of running is that, this is going to change the lifestyle that has probably contributed to the pain. Obesity is a major cause of back, and even neck and shoulder pain. Of course, running helps you lose weight. You will also be strengthening the core muscles that support your spine. But what should be the intensity or duration of your running, given your condition? You will certainly need expert guidance here.

Running can sometimes cause pain, or worsen it, particularly when you are doing it hard. The repetitive jarring when your feet hit the ground can be hard for your spine and joints.

So get yourself analyzed by chiropractor Tom Jefferson. Follow his guidelines.