Yoga-mudraThere are many yoga exercises that are known to reduce, and even completely eliminate back pain. Take for instance the Supine Hamstring Stretch. You can do this by lying on your back and bending the right knee to your chest. Try to straighten the leg towards the ceiling. Press out both your heels. Bend your left knee and keep the foot on the ground if your lower back is strained. Hold your position for a few seconds. The Two-Knee Twist is another good yoga exercise. Bend the knees to your chest as you lie down on your back. Bring your arms up. Lower the knees to the ground as you exhale. Keep your shoulders pressed down when you are doing this.

That’s not all. There are other great yoga asanas as well that can provide you relief. But remember, it’s essential to be very careful when you are doing yoga. You should never do it yourself, at least when you are starting off. You can have an injury if you do the poses incorrectly. Your pain could worsen as well.

First, you should find out whether yoga is good for your pain from a professional chiropractor like Tom Jefferson. Then find a good yoga trainer who can show you how to do these asanas.