Low-Intensity Laser Therapy

Low-Level or Low-Intensity Laser Therapy, popularly referred to as LLLT is an option for reducing pain. This is also referred to as cold laser, soft laser, low-power laser, therapeutic laser and biostimulation laser therapy. Low-mediumpower lasers are aimed at stimulating tissues to encourage the cells to function properly.

There has been some controversy about this line of treatment, particularly in choosing the ideal location of treatment. However it’s still practiced across the world and with very good results too. Actually, this line of treatment has been practiced since 1967. Patients will tell you that LLLT is extremely effective in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic and acute neck pain, chronic joint disorders, and tendinopathy. It is also useful in speeding up wound healing.

As many as 80% people have back pain in their lives. About 30% of these people will go on to have chronic LBP. It’s a heavy toll on society, individuals and families. Low-Intensity Laser Therapy is giving a lot of people new hope.